Shivali Sitters

Shivali Sitters, Global Business Development Manager, HSBC

Shivali Sitters started her career on the Executive Management Trainee Scheme at HSBC, and has almost 10 years of experience across the bank in finance, risk and investment banking. A recognised financial and economic modeller, Shivali helped design the bank’s stress testing scenario models, and more recently led the finance restructuring of the bank’s subsidiaries ahead of UK Ring-fencing. She joined the Working Capital Advisory team in 2017, leading model development and delivering client pitches across Europe.

Shivali moved to Switzerland in 2020 as a Global Business Development Manager covering the international trade finance needs of Swiss head quartered Multinationals.

Lt Shivali Sitters joined the Royal Navy Reserves  in 2014 at HMS Dalriada. Participating in the inaugural year of Project Hermes, after 8 weeks intensive training, she completed her Fleet Board and fully commissioned in December 2015. Lt Sitters joined HMS President as a Warfare Officer and maintains her commitment by undertaking 2 weeks a year at HMS Collingwood as well as numerous weekends. In 2016 she was chosen to represent the service in Royal Navy Reserves national recruitment campaign.

In the summer of 2020 she was mobilised for three months under OP RESCRIPT as a Military Planner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. 

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